Reviews for "Castle of Tears: Bloodlines"


Oi, you, I already reviewed this! >.<

Sorry, NemesisTheory, but I can't bring myself to give you another wall of text. It's improved, though I think I sense a slight drop in bitrate due to the length? I dunno. Anyway, just as good as the last one, if not better. Once we get some original work out, we get some original reviews, too :p

5'd and DL'd regardless ^^

NemesisTheory responds:

Hi! Haha, I guess I was cheating a little bit lol :p

Don't worry about the review, and you are correct about the bitrate! You really do have good ears (or you cheated and checked out the file info in winamp XD). I'm glad you like it, and yes, more originals are coming. :D

Thanks for the scores and review, reapie! :D


Beautiful beginning, awesome middle, and amazing ending...Excellent work! This is why you are my favorite Audio Artist! What more could I expect from you?!

NemesisTheory responds:

Thankss!! :D
I'm your favorite audio artist? wow, thanks <3

well... you can expect more from me in the form of more music I guess lol XD
Thanks for the review! :)


this song are awesome just like your other songs!i love it!your big fan.simsda

NemesisTheory responds:

Thanks! That sounds like music to my ears lol XD
Thank you simsda :D

Another awesome song!

This song has so much style to it I can't believe it! I truly enjoy your and hope you don't stop!

NemesisTheory responds:

Thank you! :D
I'm glad you've enjoyed it and ofcourse I won't stop :)

What can I say?

Good song made better!

Very damn fun to play in AudioSurf (In which I hold the records to most of your new songs). Sorry for the fanboyism.

Great job. Took a while to load though. These connections in Finland are apeshit compared to their American cousins.


NemesisTheory responds:

What's audiosurf? I guess I have something to google in a moment lol! :p And I guess you must be pretty good then :)

Thanks, and really? that's pretty bad then :(
but hey, we have enough time right? :P

Thanks for the review, Mazzie. :D