Reviews for "Castle of Tears: Bloodlines"


It's annoying when someone writes a review that's almost exactly what I would have said...
This time PolyBlaster said it all for me without knowing it... XD

NemesisTheory responds:

haha, i agree with you there :)
well in that case, i'm glad you liked it :))

Even though ididnt like the original that much *tu

Well it wasnt so fond of the original as of your other tracks either, but still, its very very good ^^

I like what you did with it, it feels a lot more detailed and deeper now, more cinematic. Well how to describe it.. when the origin was sounding like 2d, this one seems to sound like 3d! xD hopeyou got the picture.
Well, dont know anything atm what to improve here, well done ^-^ *thumbs up*

(7)/10 => 8/10 *Bonus point for the length
-No- Download

Greetz, Worry ;D

NemesisTheory responds:

that's okay! not everyone will like anything lol :)

jup... i got what you meant :D
means i pretty much did good things i suppose lol :p

Thanks for the review and scores, worry! :)

The perfect...

Has gotten even more perfect.

Amazing remix, you've really outdone yourself this time. And I bet you could make even greater works!

Keep 'em coming, you've got me addicted.


NemesisTheory responds:

Thank you! And I'd hope so lol, improving is all part of it :)
addicted? wow, cool! :D

thanks for the review, PB! :D

Sorry, been a while, high quality remix

Been busy lately, well anyway, had to listen to the original track for a while just to get a feel of how well you remixed it

so on with the review! pretty long this one, and got planety of sound to it, I think this is one of your longest, if not THE longest, and most varied track you've made so far, and that's an achievement don't you think?

okay, so the slow parts 'round the beginning and the middle's a bit dragging, but the main parts after that are great, improved versions of the original thing

then there's that fast FU2-ish sounding part starting from 01:38 and 04:20, it seems so unusual yet actually it fits almost perfectly to the overall feel, very impressive work on that one
the bridge at 05:20 sounds a bit like that too, older song reminders

and finally that quiet, IcedOut/TurnofTides/Ghostwave feeling part at 02:20 and 06:10, as always, refined, improved, and, I'd kill myself if I say this, charming
love the foreground-background merge at the end

the end result? an excellent remix that needs a name in its own right

since you've once again pinned the feel to it perfectly, I think we can forgive the "dragging" parts, you got a 10, but work on the drag still okay?

Yours Sinisterly
-Sinister Aura-

NemesisTheory responds:

I've been busy myself lol! but I think that goes for everyone :3

It is indeed the longest one on newgrounds but not the longest one I've ever made XD
but that song was so old I wouldnt dare upload it! but if I ever did another memory lane in a few years I think it could be pretty long as well lol :p

I will work on the drag in new songs, but I felt it was necessary for a good buildup in this one :3 but I can see how that can always work against the song!

Thanks for the review and scores, Sin! :D

your right

i didi't think this song could get any better but it did this by far is the best and most unique bloody tears remix i have heard

NemesisTheory responds:

I'm glad you think it did! The most unique? Wow, I've heard a lot and that's a pretty big statement. :o If you ever get the chance, check out S.S.H's (not on newgrounds) bloody tears remix. In fact, check out all of his stuff... he's such an awesome vg remixer. <3

anyway lol, thank you for the review!