Reviews for "Castle of Tears: Bloodlines"


Another great song from NemesisTheory. Thanks for making more Audio for us to enjoy for years to come. And I like the beginning, as always, but the rest of the song is great to. Keep it up...


You made an amazing song better
You are truly a master at music

nice, nice

dont really like the opening but hey, who cares about that :P
like some other songs of yours its basicly inspired by bloody tears(not that its a bad thing!)
great song, great remix
and ive been playing castlevania games alot lately so 1+ score from that too
keep it up!

great song!

had a really long review untill IE crashed... yay.

you can really hear the clearer EQ and better compression, first thing that really stands out is the quality of this one. BUT, with that, the main instrument in the first 2 min (that keyboard thing) has lost most of its impact, because it's clearer, it's not as sharp or ... oomphy... makes all the instruments blend together. Maybe raising the sound level of that instrument would help? it gets lost quite a few times in the angel chior and organ sounds.
the drums are definatly better, very nice work there, but mainly be caareful when adding alot of instraments, it can completely swamp the song and just make it one big pile of notes. If you can't 'see' the thread of an instrument in the song then that instruments been swamped.

The new part at 5:20? very very nice. love the piano, and this part has no swamping in it. definatly the best part of the song.

Hmm, the short version:
when adding instruments, try not to swamp other instruments. When they sound similar this can be a big big problem. Maybe making one slightly out of phase, or louder can fix that.
Remember that sharp instruments become soft when the compression is less.

heh thats it, nice and short.
defiantly better then the original!, though i'll still listen to both. love your songs.


enjoy your 5/5 and 10/10 ;)