Reviews for "==(Repairing a Broken Sky"


I am loving the relaxing feel, lol. Makes me feel like I'm floating or something. Good Job.


Really awesome man. Drums were actually quite astounding. You did a great job with them. The synth melodies bouncing around here and there were very fitting and added quite a bit to this, even though it was subtle. Nice job man.


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4.37 / 5.00 (+ 0.013)

7:00 mins of epicness...

Actually i didn't relax in this one. If i was to describe ye i would say "It was relaxing" but i sense this energy i can't describe. Its electric i feel tingly and something inside me is just feeling this to the max extent.


Im not sure how to describe that energy...i love it though =).


Need i say more?¿?¿?

Keep it up!

Awesome. I could listen to this for...ever!

Awesome piece! Oh, you said you'd like to read stories? I can feed you then :3

I fall asleep.
For a few hours, I don't move.
(song starts)
I wake up, in an ocean of clouds, flying around. A dark void slowly opens, as I notice the soft breeze I can breathe. I fly towards it, avoiding any contact for a while, just glancing at the clouds and the void. I gather a bit of air and blow the void below the clouds, it crashing into the earth and splittering into pieces that are harmless to anyone. My work is done. I lay onto a cloud, and fall asleep again.
(song ends)
I wake up in my room, and a few seconds later am waken up by the door opening and mom yelling "Dinner time!". I glance at her, blinking a few times, and say "You won't BELIEVE what I just dreamed." Standing up, I don't notice the wings laying on my bed.