Reviews for "==(Repairing a Broken Sky"

Not bad, acutally really good

Hey SBB, its been awhile since I've reviewed you, or anyone at all. I'm on a roll right now. And damn, how the hell do you manage to get so many reviews on all your songs? I'm lucky to get 2.

Anyways about the song. Its really dreamy. Its like something I'd hear in a crazy dream, flying through another world or something. (Yeah that's how creative I am) My favorite thing about this, are those chord stabs. They sound awesome. You can hear them good around 5:03, which is also my favorite part.

I love the classic saw leads. Almost like you took an old synthesizer, drowned it in water, picked it back up and shook it dry, but it broke. So you used reason to make a saw synth lead. The arps sound nice, and again those stabs are awesome.

Anyways about the drums are really cool. You have your owned kind of sound nowadays. If I hear this kind of song, I think of your music. Its very 80s like, but still modernized. The snare sounds like you ripped it from some hair metal band and put it in a pool of reverb, which is a compliment by the way ;)

The other drowns sound nice and in place. My only problem was with the kick. Kicks sound good with reverb if you want a really drowned sound, like far way. Maybe you would use it for an intro, then bring in a kick with less reverb for the main sound, but it was the same kick the whole time. I guess I'm just nitpicking, but whatever.

My only other problem was that you seemed to be playing with us a lot. I know your suppose to 'chill' with the song, but I kept getting excited for some kind of bang near the end, but nothing really amazing came. Again, I'm nitpicking..

Anyways you've improved much from last time. Keep doing what your doing. You seem pretty popular these days.

Reminds me of of a trance breakdown.
Very dreamy sounding
Beginning lead sounds classic
I like the 80s-esque snare.
Too much reverb on the kick drum.
Around 5:03, it sounds amazing

You ota have someone do a flash based on the music

I can totally picture the events of the sky breaking with the beats of the bass...and maybe robots are reparing it like it was glass.


solid song, great effects


its kinda like NiN i guess

SBB quality.. what else? ;)

yeah right - its relaxing.. but i cant say that it makes me tired or something so i would fall asleep.. because its like - dont get tired... u wont hear this great piece full... ohhhhh never comes in my mind to sleep while listening to stuff by sbb... gosh... i like your stuff so much! *waves-to-norway*
Ha det!