Reviews for "==(Repairing a Broken Sky"


This by far is the most smooth relaxing yet exiting music i have hear in a few weeks

i have no critisism on this at all i positively love and dont wanna ruin it with over talking about it cause im gonna loop it and take a few mins for myself with it

i love it
5'd 10'd

its a good song butttttt

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Very relaxing indeed. I just came home and had quite a hard day. I went to NG and listened to this piece... I did what you said (I sit back and listened to the track) and what should I say? I feel better now! :)
Maybe it's not only due to your track, but also because I just relaxed for a few minutes. But your song definatly helped a lot.

I especially like the powerful drums here. Most other tracks on NG have some very bland sounding drums, but these here are so bassy, so deep, it's amazing.

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Nice work

You're absolutely right - I sat back and had some breakfast, while listening to this and feel so much better for having done so. The piece is so relaxing, it's unbelievable.

However, it's more than just that - it's deep. There is so much on offer in the scale of variation and other peripherals, that you can quite easily get lost in it.

I think that I would have had a section within the track where I left out the high pitched twinkling sound in the background of this tune, as it does get a little annoying after a while. Other than that, this track is awesome :)

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No repairing this

What a amazing soud this is so fresh its, like you got a fresh pece of bread.

What struck me about this is the freshness, of the tune. None of it sounds bland or old. Its pure newness and ,like its just been open. The sounds is very good it mixed throughout, with the beat being varied. I loved the electro vibe it had amount, of style. What this made me think of is a spacemen, floating in vast infinite space. I pictred purple colors ,and lots of sparks. I thought of the man on the moon. I did not see the broken sky as such.

Sorry for the silly images i said. This had no real flaws i suppose its a little to long. Although that was not much of a problem.

Ovreal SBB you are a such a great artist.

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