Reviews for "==(Repairing a Broken Sky"

If only it was possible...

I wish there was a way to repair the sky but the CFC is still harming the ozone layer.

Here is my story


In the late 1920s, chemicals called chloroflourocarbons or CFCs, were invented. These chemicals were not poisonous and didn't harm fabrics, plants or people. Companies thought they were great and used them in refrigerators, air conditioners, styrofoam packaging, and spray cans.

From the 1920s to the 1970s, billions of CFC molecules were released into the air.

In the 1970s, scientists began to wonder what might happen to all those CFCs after they had been in the air for a while. They eventually learned that CFCs could float past the troposphere up into the stratosphere where UV rays would break them down. The chemicals that make up CFCs, mainly chlorine and fluorine, would float around the stratosphere, breaking up ozone molecules.

This was bad, because scientists knew that ozone in the stratosphere protects the Earth from too many UV rays.
Fixing the problem

spray can with CFCSLN 1979, many countries, including the U.S., banned CFCs from being made or used. This was a big step toward fixing the problem. Today, no spray cans contain CFCs. Other chemicals are gradually replacing the CFCs in air conditioners.

But the CFCs already in the atmosphere can take up to 50 years to reach the stratosphere. Once there, they hang around in the stratosphere for many years, doing damage.

Also, the products that still contain CFCs need to be treated with care. One example of this is a car air conditioner. When the air conditioner breaks, or the car is taken to a junkyard, the CFCs need to be carefully taken out and recycled or stored so that they don't leak into the air.
The future

Scientists originally predicted that the ozone layer would be the thinnest around 2008, then start recovering. But new research shows that other air pollution problems are slowing down the ozone layer's ability to rebound.
What you can do

1. protect the earth Encourage people with cars to have their air conditioners fixed by mechanics who are certified to handle. In Wisconsin, by law, mechanics have to be specially certified to work with CFCs.

2. Protect your skin and eyes from harmful UV rays when you're outside.

I READ THE FAKE STUFF ON ==(Lost In Space)==

Your #1 Fan

==(Lost In Space)== FAKE YET FUNNY

The most scary thing about getting lost is that your movement speed will increase, and never stop until you burn up or something- since there is no friction- Unless you get hit by space garbage of course- which can have a speed of 30000 km/h +/- a few thousands. The speed would be partly because you'll most likely be dragged with Earth (moving about 100000 km/h around the sun) on its orbit

inaccurate fun facts rule eh

Kabam! Wow! Shazam!

This song is so good! It is calm, but intense. I am such a fan of your songs. Keep up the good work!


Need i say more?¿?¿?

Keep it up!


Always been a fan of your ambient work.

I get the mental imagery of a busy deep space platform, observed through the cockpit of a shuttle going through docking procedures. The crew is making systems checks and coordinating their arrival with the space traffic controller on the station. Lights are flickering on and off while dials and switches are being turned and adjusted, all through the constant back-and-forth of radio chatter between the crew and station personnel. A testament to mankind's innovation and conquering of frontiers, maybe?

Well done.
5/5 10/10 Downloaded & Fav'd


Flating on my back as i move around in the zero-g of the void, using my suit's thrustsers, slowly working on the void, to remove it, as a particle cloud nears the orbit. The cosmic energy of the stars bouncing right off me, filling my bdy with energy, as i work in empty space. Ears twitch and the ear-pieces of my suit move with them. My suit holds me and alows me to recover from a fall from the void as i over-do a portion of the sky, free-falling, but returning to the void, to continue my duty. The void does not scare me, it intrigues me, but i know that it leaves my home vulnerable, to the harshness of that which is space. I see the Orbital station, in the proper place where the true border of space and air exists. I soon finish my job, slowly lowering down, before I stop... and fly back up with my suit, and to the Platform... I found my home. Space. A very moving work of music, this is, and i did feel a bit of a 'world' created within my mind as i listened. it happens with most music i listen to, that has a sed of creaton in it, as alot of your work does.