Reviews for "==(Repairing a Broken Sky"

you sbb,..

have a ill conceived notion of what chill music is - you can't chill to this - its impossible. the percussion and the stabs attest to that. Also all your songs have the jungle paradise theme to them - whether you intend it that way or not hehehe :P

personlly I would imagine repairing the sky from INSIDE the earth - not outside it - liek a giant digital tear in the sky.. giant satellites and floating digital forces allowing you to work on an invisible sheet. .like a giant lcd screen of tat earthlings call "the sky" but what is in fact a giant sky simulation.. reportinbg back and forth to each other on walkie-talkies with harnesses that let them crawl over this screen like spiders..

I also picture jungle below.. little islands densely populated everywhere on a grid of water.. and then they.. fuck up and everything goes black.



Ah! Its perfect!

The perfect ambienece i was looking for! *Downloads and sends you a pm*


Its calm, yet has a feeling of ergency to it. I LIKE IT! Kudos and keep it up.

got plenty to say

I could totally see this in a Samus game. I don't know why, but the space feature here is just amazing. I love the idea of feeling space in music. I think it is awesome. I try to do it but it gets hard. How do you do this!!!???

Anyway, I really love this song. I especially love the first main melody saw I heard. I love that one instrument. What MIDI track is that???



Great atmosphere song