Reviews for "==(Repairing a Broken Sky"

Big soundscape

Excellent chill song. Great retro feel with the synths and drums. You use the word several times in your comments, and RELAXING is definitely a good work for this track.

I love the way sounds come in and out and how it all blends so well. Awesome quality. Beautiful song!

There is a but, but it's a small but (not to be confused with my BIG, HAIRY BUTT). I'm sure you expected someone to comment on it -- a little long! It's not a terrible thing. I actually don't mind the length too much. It's just that sometimes when I feel like a music fix and I go to listen to a song, large track times can be daunting.

HOWEVER, if the song is listened to as it's supposed to be (start to finish, without distractions or interruptions), it's much more enjoyable. I think it would be great for some kind of montage or video game, or pretty much paired with anything visual because the song is so visual itself. Nice atmosphere.

Good job and happy birthday!

btw nice guitarwork lol


I'll have to check more of your tracks. I loved Oasis. Actually, those drums remind me a bit of it! The thing with Ambient stuff, especially long ones, is to listen to them while surfing the net or doing something else. I'm pretty sure a lot of people just sit in front of the screen and get discouraged by the long length.

Anyways, I won't dissect the whole song (I'm way under your level to do that), but I can tell you that I'm imagining myself being in an abandoned space station that's been there for thousand years, with some weird advanced technology. And for some reason I'm also imagining some lush forests or at least vegetation that has taken over the station.


Not my -current- style, but awesome nonetheless!

You did a good job on this and it was an awesome song. I couldn't listen to it for long since my music tastes change every day or so it would seem, but I know this is a very good song no matter what you like.

Since I am not good with creating music, I cannot really give you anything to work on, but it doesn't mean this song is perfect. Nothing can be perfect. You still get one of my rare 10!

Happy Birthday SBB!

The saw lead and the percussion reminded me of them "Animusic" albums. Especially the first song from the first album.

The overall track made me feel like I was floating through this advert though: http://www.visit4info.com/advert/Kell oggs-Coco-Pops-Moons-Stars-What-Goes-
On-in-that-Bowl-Kelloggs-Cereal-Range /59197

That's a good thing. Coco Pops Moons & Stars taste really nice. 5'd.


love it dude. nice keyboards and guitarwork. also...i am the first to review this epic song by the legendary SBB!! :D