Reviews for "==(Repairing a Broken Sky"


I would first like to say....why was this song second on the weekly top? It should have replace that pile of crap at the top! The first song didnt even compare to this one. Now back to the review. All of the drum sounds that tie together make a good background. If you listen closely you can hear many different things on the drums/percussion other than the basic beat. I would imagine this used as a credits page on this website just because it is for more of a serious type of flash and it would probably not be used by anyone. 5/5


BPM: 100
Time: 7:07

more like 7;08 :) OWNED :) hehe
really nice job :)
make more^^


This song is great to relax to and is just awesome. Everything flows well together and makes a well unified piece in the end. From the drums, to the synths, and the kinda techy noises and chorus voices just make it more and more awesome and feel someway I can't explain.

really good

overall, really really great song. It is a nice "unwind" song, very ambient in nature... lol... The drums are amazing, and the simple and complex melos add real depth to this song...

lolz and such


like the person below me said, you did do great with the drums