Reviews for "==(Repairing a Broken Sky"

One of the best tracks I've heard on NG Audio!

Topic. I like the buildup at the beginning; it sounds very '80s, like something serious in an '80s movie is about to happen. From then on, the music sounds like a techno track that fits in with a movie starting and/or ending. This is definitely going on my next mix CD. Keep up the good work!

Very nice.

Its one of those songs that just jumps out at you. Works for the story you told in your comments also. ITs like a void pictured in my mind. Wonderful work on this Mr SBB. Keep on it as always and much luv!



Words cannot speak highly enough of this piece. Generally, I avoid songs that are much more than a few minutes, since they tend to get somewhat stale after that point, but this one manages to remain fresh and, more importantly, enjoyable, even up to the last notes.

Wonderful work!

Very Good!

I like your story with it. Sounds like a good idea for a flash...hmmmmm....I'll keep you posted ;] Btw, look at my name, coincidence huh? :]

Right on!

Great job dude!
Im not trying to sound like a druggy but this would be the perfect song to expand your mind to by taking drugs.

Excellent job dude.
Did you mic in the drums or were they made from the program you used?
On that note, what program did you use?