Reviews for "==(Repairing a Broken Sky"

A Repaired Inner World That Repairs An Outer World

Abapical - A soft stream of rain pouring through a dense fog, a shadowy figure arises. Vaguely I exist to say my word in question in regards to my stance, and this formless figure before me. I stand to say ''I embrace the unknown with virtue, and I accept that you are no more darker than the world outside of this world. Who are you, and why do you hide beneath me?'' A break of silence fills the air, and I can feel a language emitting from this figure that I've never felt before. The incoherent nature of it's decryptic form intrigues me; so I inch myself closer to this shadow of mine. ''Fear is what devours me, not this shadow before me.'' I said to myself. As I got closer to the figure, I could see more and more of a solid form breaking from the darkness hiding it's appearance. The rain grew harder, and the gravity got heavier. I heard a voice forming from within me, growing clearer the more I approached the shadow head on. It said ''I am the whole of you; you are the hole of me. I am everything you want me to be.'' The moment I heard those words, I dropped to my knees, and broke into tears. Tears that coexisted with the heavy rain of this inner world of mine. I looked up to what was no longer a figure of a shadow, but a blinding light. A light that not even God could fathom. A light that comes from the darkest recesses of our eternal chambers that we've abandoned to survive in the outer world that is insipid from being built by incomplete beings -- through fear, ignorance and weakness.


So this is why I have ears!

Awesome. I could listen to this for...ever!

Awesome piece! Oh, you said you'd like to read stories? I can feed you then :3

I fall asleep.
For a few hours, I don't move.
(song starts)
I wake up, in an ocean of clouds, flying around. A dark void slowly opens, as I notice the soft breeze I can breathe. I fly towards it, avoiding any contact for a while, just glancing at the clouds and the void. I gather a bit of air and blow the void below the clouds, it crashing into the earth and splittering into pieces that are harmless to anyone. My work is done. I lay onto a cloud, and fall asleep again.
(song ends)
I wake up in my room, and a few seconds later am waken up by the door opening and mom yelling "Dinner time!". I glance at her, blinking a few times, and say "You won't BELIEVE what I just dreamed." Standing up, I don't notice the wings laying on my bed.


Best thing I have heard in a while


this is the kind of music that makes me wonder why i havn't tried making music...