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Reviews for "Burning"


beautiful use of colors to generate the atmosphere. there should be a game for this. :D


Looks like some MMORPG game art.


This a fantastic peice and it's my newbackground.


This is excellent! It looks like something taken from an epic RPG. I glanced it at and immediately thought "Diablo".

For 'another quick painting' it is very well done... with just the right amount of detail: enough for realism but not too much that your imagination can't help paint part of it for you.

I agree with the review before mine, start submitting this stuff. You could be the next "Samwise" ;)

Great work!

Good concept art

I would submit this stuff to a videogame of film studio, cause this is very, very good concept art. it's simple, leads a lot for the imagination to develop, and the character is not heavily detailed (very important when you are applying for jobs) submit this stuff today to offices all over. you may be surprised by the response you get