Reviews for "NG TT VIII (Eggs)"

Wow! Two time trials in ONE day!!

Great stuff, great laughs. Happy Easter, everybody (regardless of your religious or non-religious preference).

First Movie

That 10 is for the first movie... i dont care how bad the others were (which some of them were) The first movie was great! Go Delitescent


Everyone did a great job on this one. I loved Afro- Ninja's and McBeans the best.

Well that owned...

This is so good I am barely able to believe you worked under a time limit for the most part. VERY WELL DONE! After blamming all kinds of crap this is like getting laid five times, having your total net worth triple, randomly being awarded things, and getting a good night's sleep, ALL IN THE SAME DAY!

yea well..

Most of them was really b ad and was just the same expect for nelson, i tihnk that is fucking best animation ive seen on this site, fuck yea it was awesome:D