Reviews for "NG TT VIII (Eggs)"

read carefully

i decided to give a score to each short indivdually.

Delitescent- 9. I liked how the factory tested the eggs and in the end, the eggs were messed up and with band aids all over it.

Bezerker8x- 8. it was very funny how the eggman got his revenge by blowing his co-workers' heads off.But, the ending was very anticlimatic

Afro_Ninja- 6 It seemed okay in the beginning. Then it ended so fast.

McBean- 9 Nice touch with the commercial. But why did the egg have to be in so much pain?

p00pm00s3- 5 I didn't understand it. I did like the music. But what did you mean by samples??

average score- 7.4

Not bad, except...

Poopmoose and Beserker's vids would have gotten blammed on their own. They were only mediocre flash and horrible stories.


I't's okay, the graphics are nice, and also the sound, but the story doesn't make any sense.


It was okay. Bezerker8x's and poopmoos3's were not very good. I just don't get it i guess.


the quality of graphice were awesome some were crappy most were great
good sound, but the best was the egg that had a job
not interactive
lol you cant get better then a collaboration of artists
some had little bits of violence
LMAO all of them were funny espically the one that wasnt finished
LMAO great work guys you should be proud they look awesome and crap on some of the ppl that spend ages on making theres!