Reviews for "NG TT VIII (Eggs)"

for once im happy im not in a NGTT

mc bean- i love mc beans the best... I CANT BELIVE YOU FOUND THE OLD PEPSI COLA SONG! OMFG!!! ive been looking around for that for so long IM me it if you can ieatspoons09-i love the happy music for the JESUS EGG lol... just say that to yourself JESUS EGG.

poop moose- i semi liked it, i like how you tried to deck it out with graphics but thats what killed ya too, not much story just an egg running good twist end though.

delitescent- first off BUDDY CHRIST... if anything that is the best part. great job man, all ive been seeing out of these vids is how every one is ONLY focusing on graphic but after you see buddy christ you cant help but laugh. very good graphics i liked how for no fucking reason there was an egg test. i like your style in this good job

berserk - i dunna... kinda iffy, i never knew that eggs could be so disgruntled. damn fucking egg, how dare he work for microsoft. he better were a condom cause he's gonna get screwed. i like how the fast food guy is all cowering at the egg too. i liked this but it was kinda freaky, i hope my eggs dont kill me...

last but not least Afro- LOVED THE END, throwing eggs is about one of the most fun things to do in this world OMFG THAT WAS FUNNY.


it was just funny

egg-cellent (i couldn't resist)

great flash, great animation. some better than others, but hey...i'm not one to criticize. great job guys.

egg day :D

i liked most of the egg collab, nice work to all who made it. guy below me made the biggest review ever made >.> lol.


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