Reviews for "NG TT VIII (Eggs)"

absolutely GOOD!!

lol, great work, all of you's. very nice styles, graphics... all of it was good. so well done guys, great work. (although i must say i liked the 'bunny' TT better... this was still very good)


man that was kick ass man great graphics great animation great sound great thingy and that other thing and was funny whit a mix of that other thing that kindof important but nobody cares about?naw just kiding great flash


beserker's entry made this TT. funniest thing i've seen on the portal for...a few days or so :P just felt like chiming in and saying it would not have gotten blammed on its own

Not bad, except...

Poopmoose and Beserker's vids would have gotten blammed on their own. They were only mediocre flash and horrible stories.


Good job, i never really knew people had such feelings and thought about eggs .. or eggs had much feelings at all either .. but gj to all keep up good work