Reviews for "NG TT VIII (Eggs)"

egg-cellent (i couldn't resist)

great flash, great animation. some better than others, but hey...i'm not one to criticize. great job guys.

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Delitescent [9]
Amazing graphic quality, and music. Reminding me of those "repetetive" moving commericals that used to be on TV. What was the point of maruading the eggs with all those things though? Plus the eggs must be made of titanium to withstand all of that..

Bezerker8x [7]
I liked the egg interpretation of a bum who lived in an apartment and worked programmed for a company. The porn download was comical, but I thought the entire movie was to be interpreted.. It seemed like there were humans, and he was just a freak of an egg..

Afro_Ninja [5]
Once again one of those things factory beltline things.. But.. Egg Battle? If you want to egg battle you don't paint the friggen' eggs..

McBean [9]
Graphics were good, sound was good, and the school boxes were hilarious. The only thing that was wrong with this flash is the Passion of the Christ spoof. Yes, it is a shitty movie, and yes Universal has taken a shit on itself and blamed the jews for everything.. Just ignore them and live life normally..

PoopMoose [2]
Egg walking through hallway, O Fortuna Remix looping.. Samples... Enough said..

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All grades have been standardized and averaged together.
Submissions: 6.4
Entire Archive: 7.8
Accurate Complete Flash Movie: 7.1

read carefully

i decided to give a score to each short indivdually.

Delitescent- 9. I liked how the factory tested the eggs and in the end, the eggs were messed up and with band aids all over it.

Bezerker8x- 8. it was very funny how the eggman got his revenge by blowing his co-workers' heads off.But, the ending was very anticlimatic

Afro_Ninja- 6 It seemed okay in the beginning. Then it ended so fast.

McBean- 9 Nice touch with the commercial. But why did the egg have to be in so much pain?

p00pm00s3- 5 I didn't understand it. I did like the music. But what did you mean by samples??

average score- 7.4

I seen better

i thought this was pretty good but wtf was the first guy sayin, sumthing about everyone being a faggot, i liked the ending thou, pretty funny, sound from the first one sucked eggs


delitescent, urs was the greatest for me, simply because u were able to work in the opening song from "peewee's big adventure", hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! great to everyone else too, keep sendin in the great TT's