Reviews for "NG TT VIII (Eggs)"

I reviewed only bezerkerz,

Because that's the only watchable, and it murderred the rest.

I can watch this over and over again :P


Whats to review? It was great!

Well that owned...

This is so good I am barely able to believe you worked under a time limit for the most part. VERY WELL DONE! After blamming all kinds of crap this is like getting laid five times, having your total net worth triple, randomly being awarded things, and getting a good night's sleep, ALL IN THE SAME DAY!


I liked them all except for the fourth one. Well, liked that one too, but the CONSTANT profanity made it hard for the movie to come across in a coherent manner. I liked the last one, but I wish it had been longer!!! Good job guys!


It's rated "Everyone", yet Nelson's pice of crap cusses as many times as it can.. at least give it a proper rating next time, dumbasses...