Reviews for "NG TT VIII (Eggs)"

yea well..

Most of them was really b ad and was just the same expect for nelson, i tihnk that is fucking best animation ive seen on this site, fuck yea it was awesome:D

were you on crack wene you made this?

i thought that was one of the gayest things i have ever seen no affence


So what came first the chicken or the egg?

Delitestcent's Flash was actually amazing, lovely opening.. and it just got better. Really, the graphics were really good, and the animation was so smotoh and fat in perfectily with the sound, real nice job. I think it would be a really high score even on it's own. I was really amused at the old-school cartoon-ish style, wish was really cool and now I want to impliment that into my cartoons too now, lol.

Bezerk's was really nice. I liked the effect with the ''fog'' in the room, that gave it a nice atmosphere, and the graphics just got better. Everything was in proportion, and all of the colours worked well together, there wasn't too much animation, at the beginning, which was a cool thing, but there was more towards the end. I think the swearing in it wasn't really neccesary, but thats his style, and the graphics made up for it. :-) But the sound quality was quite bad, some parts were really good, then other parts where you could hear the person breathing into the mic, then it was ok, also the sound levels were very varied.

Afro Ninjas opening scene was really cool, with that music, and it was quiet interesting on how the egg went from being ''made'' to production. It was a cool idea, and real nice too, with smooth animation, however the graphics could of been better, like with shaind and stuff.

Poops' opening scene was really funny iswell, with that music, remixed up with a funky beat! Awesome. The egg was coloured in very well, with nice shading on it too. The movie, however, had alot of bugs, like there was a white line on the left side of the animation, and also some parts dodged around in the animation, it was choppy. Good concept and idea, just it could of been improved alot.

McBean is a really nice animator, and I love his style. The music was really good, and I just loved the colours that you used, the green and blues, lovely. The animation was nice and smooth too, how it changed scenes and stuff; nice work. Real nice! I really enjoyed it and it was really fun to watch lol. The advert was really cool too, what the heck was that penguin dancing or something? But I didn't like it how it just cut back to the egg on the cross with the pepsi, I thought that was a bit disrespectful, dont you think?

Overall I cannot see why this submission has such a low score. Its a rare Flash that is really long and enjoyable. Its not one, however, that I could keep watching again, there was that special something missing, maybe if the people had like a set theme that ran through the whole collab.. maybe that would of been better.

I know it may sound ironic or whatever, but was there any easter eggs in it? I thought it would of been real funny if there was.

Nice work all, and I know how hard a collab is too put together sometimes, nice work, real nice!

Time For NGTT Eggs

Whoever thought of this type of Time Trial, they are a freaking genious. Personally I thing the eggs are better than the rabbits. Especially with what Delitescent came up with.

Wow, this flash was astonishing. I can not believe what I just saw. The eggs were all beaten up at the end which was kind of funny. The graphics of this flash was amazing. I also loved the backround. This one deserved a really high mark. Great job. I can't believe all the eggs that got wasted. You could feed a family of a million with all the eggs that went to waist. Overall this is one of the best TT flashes that I've seen so far. Keep up the amazing work.

This movie was like 10 minutes long. I could easily see that the egg guy was white trash. He seemed to hate everyone and had a nasty sewer mouth. Overall it was pretty good, but it got boring on some times like when he was talking to what looked like to be a guard. Overall it was 3 thumbs up. My got is that egg dude ever nasty. I would advise as my last couple for him to stop smoking and drinking.

The concept of this flash was partially misleading. I loved the song for this movie. The egg reminds me of tweak from South Park. He is like scared of everything, except he should be scared considering he is only a little soft boiled egg. Overall I would give this 4 thumbs up and a big happy face. This is not the best work that I've seen from you, but it sure has a cool kick to it. Never stop with flash, you know how to use it.

Although you were trying to make a Matrix egg, it didn't turn out as good as I thought it would be. The egg didn't do any cool back flips or side flips with guns or anything. It still was pretty good. The only irony here was that after all that egg hoping, he went to an sample testing room. Overall I would give this a good three and a half lightning bolts out of five.

I thought the egg school and graduation was cute. Did you notice that the guy chose the biggest egg which incedentally was on the top. The Pepsi Cola song was cool at the end. For some reason that was the first time that I've ever heard the song. This movie was cute at the beggining and scary at the end making it overall really good no amazing.



the quality of graphice were awesome some were crappy most were great
good sound, but the best was the egg that had a job
not interactive
lol you cant get better then a collaboration of artists
some had little bits of violence
LMAO all of them were funny espically the one that wasnt finished
LMAO great work guys you should be proud they look awesome and crap on some of the ppl that spend ages on making theres!