Reviews for "NG TT VIII (Eggs)"

I'll review... yet again... author by author:

Delitescent: REall good graphics and psp blur. Good use of tweening and fbf. That was pretty funny as well. Specially with the gun lol. And the last scene. 10/10

Afro_ninja: Ah, didnt like it as much as your other movies. To make up for the tweening, you should have brushed up a lot more on graphics. Funny though. 8/10

McBean: Cool graphics. Funny Concept as well. That went perfect with the music. Laughed histerically. Brush up on your animation a bit though. 9/10

Bezerker8x: graphics were good. Animation wasnt too good though. The voiceacting was good though, cept the few staticky parts. 7/10.

Poopmoose: Kinda repetitive. I've seen you do better. The gradients didnt fit the atmosphere either. 4/10.

Overall: The other group kicked your a*ses. Nah jk. This was pretty good. I kinda expected someone to do an I love egg thing. 8/10

That was fantasmlistherkehrkher

That was great. I liked how some of them made fun of Jesus, because Easter sucks. The important thing though is that the animation quality was very high. Good stuff.

Delitescent's the better one, and the worst hands down is beserker8x (excluding p00p's, because it's only a sample... so he shouldn't have submitted anyway). Beserker8x's flash was too long and the jokes weren't funny at all. There were too many silent moments and things could speed up.

Great Job, Bezerker8x!!!

I'm going to review the whole movie based on the legs-and-arms egg movie! Because that movie was seriosuly one of the best, most entertaining flash movies I've seen. If you made that to the deadline, I'm SOOOO impressed! The sound was reasonable enough as long as I put my head close to the speakers- if it wasn't for the great movie, I could see how that'd piss some people off. But to me, the whole thing was great! EXCELLENT script, great locations, funny characters, great diologue, and I just loved everything about it! Oh my God, this truely was fantastic!

Hard to rate

I liked the two with jesus in the end, but the others werent that great. Great use of buddy jesus. The one with the angry egg guy with arms and legs was good at first, but the sound sucked, and the murders at the end were seriously screwed up. Not funny, not cool, not entertaining at all. I like animated violence a lot, but that was just wrong.