Reviews for "Twisted Punch"

The best animation I've seen yet!

That was the best animation I've seen yet on Newgrounds (I've only been looking around for a few weeks now, but I must have viewed at least 60 animations)! I loved the backgrounds, and the part with the house was very, very well done, something that I totally wasn't expecting, and, to tell you the truth, pretty scary...

This is the first "movie" that I've seen which has memorable characters. I can even detect a hint of *gasp* character development!

A wonderful animation/movie, and I can't wait for the second part =)


absolutely gobsmacked.
that was totally amazing.
if there was more of that on newgrounds i'd be lovin it.


The graphics were very good and it was interesting to watch. I loved the spinning effects you made and all of that. Overall this was great. I can't wait to see the next one.

That, was AMAZING!

Even I must say, that was probably as good or even BETTER than prowlies.. This, this here was just amazing. What BlueStar said, I agree with 100%. To all you assholes that said "The monster wasn't scary! A 0 FOR YOU!" I want to say something to you. I'm 500% sure that YOU would crap your pants, scream bloody murder, and wish you were dead already if ANYTHING, even the SMALLEST thing with VERY sharp teeth, was pulling you into a mansion to murder you.

Also, like BlueStar said, Not even the fastest of Ninjas are THAT swift. Once again, as BlueStar said, all those who said "Oh my God! It made no sense! A 0 FOR YOU!" or shit like that, I have a few words to say to you. #1. Fuck you. #2. Its called FANTASY assholes, learn to create an immagination. #3. Lets see you make better work than this. I bet you couldn't if you tried for 5 years.

To the author: This, my fine sir, was simply amazing. The best I've ever seen on newgrounds. I have a new favorite flash now. I wish you the best of luck with your future videos. I've loved each and every one of your videos you have made. They are all full of Fantasy, and excitement! I beg of you, make more. I love seeing these wonderful videos. Full of excitement. This movie was VERY well rated, even without, once again like BlueStar said, without big-boobed women. This movie is even BETTER than those movies with big-boobed women. I love these flashes of yours, I can't wait for future releases. Keep up the good work, and you will be the #1 flash artist. Good luck, and congradulations.

a 1st timer nice

nice animation first time i have seen something like that but your site all the xin links dont work and the first game link dont work either so check up on that..