Reviews for "Twisted Punch"

Well that was certainly different o_O

Odd name for the movie, but an impressive almost mute presentation using an interesting mix of effects from two different kinds of animation, the kind you'd normally see an infant watching and an anime. I'll be interested to see where this goes...


damn, that was pretty awesome >.<
good job n hope u finish second part soon!

Brilliant- my favorite flash

This is amazing! This is my favorite flash movie ever of anything I've seen whether its on newgrounds or elsewhere. You've got some amazing talent. Every element of your flash is working so well together, the story, the drawing, and the musical score all entertwining create such emotion and excitement. I've just been going through each and everyone of your flash movies now, keep up the good work. And I've got a great idea that I think you could brilliantly create a flash for. If you are interested, reply to this review and I'll send you an email about it.

Beautiful. No more words will do.

Love the symbolism, storyline, and characters. But most important, I love the music! Keep up the good work!

Holy Fucking Balls!!!

As always, your movies rock!