Reviews for "Twisted Punch"

It was great

I am really not sure if this was better than your main series but it was a great peice of work. I want to see the out come of how it ends, but take your time no rush I know how long a great flash takes to make (I have heard the stories) and admire anyone who can make a great flash (because I cannot) I can make a great story but for a flash the codes are so fustrating for me to understand. Anyway, A great peice of art. I especially like the backgrounds and the music. However did you create thosebackdrops and the superb music? How long did it take you to complete and add in both to the final flash project? I also like to mention that I liked the way you worked around the speech obstacle. Using images and flashbacks that way, it was something that most flash artist don't do around here. Well Done!

I just wanted to know...

did u use normal flash mx or some kind of flash program to make this ??? Pleaase tell me it looks so 3-d that i'm confused .. by the way THAT ROCKED you rule keep making these till euu the end of time !!


Wow nice graphics, really good plot/storyline. This is perfect, along with all your other movies. Keep it up!


Everything looks great, can't wait to see the next part.

nice and scary type of movie

i want to watch the hole story and i think many more do. you shuld get a jobb for that