Reviews for "Twisted Punch"

Very nice animation style

I loved how the colors were used and how the animations sequences were constructed. Some parts were very well done in terms of giving a feel of 3Dness to the visuals using a collection of 2D objects.

The storyline was entertaining as well, a nice piece indeed.


This is very good animation and art. Well done and you are really good at writing music too by the way and well done for composing the music for this piece and for some of your other animations like Xin. Well done very good art and animation. Keep up the good work and I am excited about part two. When is part two coming out?


great job on this, the animtion, sound and all that are really good!

whens part 2 coming out?


wow, that was fantastic, well done :-D

It was OK.

I really dont like flash movies so i dont like this too much. Though it was about the best flas I've seen on newgrounds.