Reviews for "Twisted Punch"


great, dont stop animatin, question though- i watched this before, a long time ago and youve made others recently, when are you going to continue/conclude this movie???? keep it up, real good!!


i have watched all your movies so far don't stop submiting please lol

I....see... where this.. is going to...

This will be a serious one. One that may have something to do with weird tales of life and death like in Legend of Mana and a few FF games.


That was really great. I can't wait for the next one. The only thing i didn't like was kind of in the begining, when u changed from song to song, it sounded weird. Maybe think of a better way to transition? well i dont know, your the pro haha. Great work!!!

a 1st timer nice

nice animation first time i have seen something like that but your site all the xin links dont work and the first game link dont work either so check up on that..