Reviews for "Twisted Punch"


That was most artistically beautifull flash i have seen yet keep it up
and i hope you get a job in the animation industry ^^

i enjoyed your animation tremendously

You are a gifted artist, please keep making flashes.One

Nice animating

I would of never knew that all that can be acomplished with flash. It'd be cool if I could have a copy of those songs too.


There's are no words to describe ur flashes. They just give a lot of menaing.. wow. The Xin Sesion are good and also ur first episode of Rebel Burger was just astonishing. The music in each flashes are just great they go with the flash a lot =D. I have enjoyed watching ur flashes hehe Keep up the good work*Two thumbs up* Hope u can finish up all ur other series too =D


That was totally, and absolutely AWESOME!!!!! I swear man, you have some serious skills. Keep this up.