Reviews for "Twisted Punch"


Omg. Little girl just get a NEW kite! *Spazzes out*

This is extremely good! I cant wait to see part two! Hell, I'd give you a job if I had any to offer. X3

Very well done!


A touching story, exemplary graphics. How could I give anything but a 10?

Excellent telling of the story even though there wasn't a word spoken though the entire movie. I view it as a plus rather than a minus, since it didn't hinder the story at all.

Keep up the good work and I hope to see another one soon!


It was really cool it reminded me of stuff... it was really good and I cant wait for the second part...on sum parts it looked like you kinda rushed it. mayb im wrong but hey it happens but overall really good and looking forward to part 2

It really drew me in!

...I really wasn't expecting much given the review on this movie was a grand spanking 3 when I first clicked on it... but it utterly blew me away.

The only people that would find that piece of art "boring" ..should go play a "Britany Spears gangrape game" ...or something else a bit more thier style.

Keep up the good work man! I'm expectiong good things from the next one ^^

Ah nice...

that was pretty entertainin i liked... cant wait for part 2 man... keep up the good work...