Reviews for "Twisted Punch"

meh it was good.

well it had realy good graphics, there isnt much of a story line there its just a girl and a dog that were playing the wind blew the dog into a tree the girl lost here kite, and then the dog had a a vision about an army of men being eatin by what seems to be a dragon,then the girl sudeny bursts into a run and he dog turned into a purple rabit...and they jumped over some water..lol over all it was realy good some what sad and the graphics were awesom but if it had a better story line i whould like it much more,but nonethe less it was a good movie i look forwad to seeing the next one, and keep up the good work ^^;!!!

the best

very well done, nice animation.
the only thing i don't get is the name...


that was a really good flash. at first the tone is happy and dream-like. then it changes to a kind of nightmarish scene. i think this will be a good series to follow. keep up the good work

Just... wow.

The fact that this isn't the daily feature is a crime. Seriously.


There are no words to describe this movie
It was marvelous, an incredible piece of art
Steven, you are a true artist, just like me
I am a feeling musician, that i can say
You are a feeling drawer, that you are
Your movie should have got daily feature
Instead of that non-sense eggs movies
I cant wait for the part 2
A new fan