Reviews for "Twisted Punch"

That was good.

I really like this. It made more sense to me than it did to the last fellow who reviewed it, obviously. He seemed to be reading too much into it. But it seemed fairly obvious to me to be a typical fairy tale. I can't wait to see how it ends.

What in the crap was that?

I mean, I love the head-trip anime as much as the next guy, but my lord--that was just completely schizophrenic! The kite, the bunny, the girl who's like Inuyasha, the weird monster...

What in the crap was it all about, man?

You got style out the wazoo--and the sound was very appropriate as well. But just little or no sense.

Focus on one thing, and I'll be good. multi-part movies are supposed to be cryptic but daaaaamn--that's just too weird.


Lol very interesting loved it cant wait to see the next one.


in one word amazing !


I have been a big fan of lifepoint1's work for a while. When i saw watched this movie i was amazed. To be able to tell a whole movie without the use of a single word is amazing and must be extremely difficult. great work, and i can't wait to see the next one.