Reviews for "Twisted Punch"


i love your stuff, you and max. and seriously, hes right, stop starting good shit then starting on something else RAWR!!!

goddamit why do you do this

grrrrrrrrrrrrrr you make a good starting for a good animation than you stop and make another goddamit that pisses me off -.-

nice one

this was a nice movie, im an animation film student and I see that you either have much experience, or are a talented and analysing person cause some shots, movements, animations, and the montage all together proofed of certain degree of professionalism.

one suggestion though, try using less cam moves, truck in, zoom in,
you need to give the eye rest sometimes and having a moving background every time you cut to a another shot is a little too much

still good job, keep it up!


D00D that movie blew m away, gr8 animation like always. Exelent storytelling. thou shalt make anothur!


That rocked hard! The animation was amazing, and the general story-telling like feel was excellent. Well done.