Reviews for "Twisted Punch"

What an awesome entry.

Wow. What a great movie. The rich, colorful, anime-style environments and characters are really creative. You had me interested at first, and then I was hooked when the dark plot twist rolled around. I'm eagerly awaiting the sequel, along with more of your work.

Poor continuity, but a great movie

You have excellent directing skills, and with the right music you managed to cast a very complete picture on the audience, but then the music fades out, the screen goes white, and it takes like 3 seconds before anything else is happening and it ruins it. I think it happened twice at the beginning, but I suppose the only reason why I noticed was because you managed to hit that perfect note in the first place, you just couldn't hold it.

Was that movie really 8 minutes long? It didn't feel like I had been watching for 8 minutes... heh, good job!


That was one of the best things I have ever seen... and I come to NG practically ever night. I certainly wasn't exspecting the things that happen to happen at first I thought oh great its gonna be one of those little cute things that has extremely good animation... but now I see that I am wrong. The animation was great I can't wait to see part two of this series. Keep making more animations like this its great.

excellent work

Thats was good i hope that you find a job...having somehting as animated good like this in your protfilio cant hurt you...god job.


the animation style and character designs are great and the music and sounds are even better.