Reviews for "Twisted Punch"


THIS WAS GREAT - EXCELLENT ANIMATION AND DRAWINGS AND I LOVED ALL THE CAMERA ANGLES .... just one thing.... why did that bunny turn red and wear glasses all of the sudden..LOL


This was a great pice of work. It was really smooth.You should keep this coming

FFKing (the last reviewer) isa melodramatic moron.

Great animation, but what the fuck was going on? Sorry, overall I just didn't care, it wasn't a real movie, there was no dialogue, and no real characters, just a couple anime children, and a pink rabbit/dog thing, wow, not engaging. May be what annoyed me the most was the very end where the guy/girl thing in the pink tunic was running with his/her arms back behind itself like wings or whatever, NO ONE RUNS LIKE THAT. Sure it looks dramatic, but you can only get so dramatic before it gets ridiculous. This movie is ridiculous.

FFKing mentioned something about you knowing how to "bring out sheer emotion in flash," may be the kind of emotions a histrionic, schizophrenic 10 year old might have, but not me.

Histrionic... yeah, if I had to use one word to describe this flash it would definitly be histrionic. Think about that.

I cannot begin to describe how wonderful this is..

Up to this day, I thought that a flash like this was not possible. You, my friend, have just proved me wrong. When I first saw this, I was thinking, "Well, this should be good, I'll see..."
From the second I pressed that play button, and the moment your flash started, it was as if I had been set unto a trance state. My eyes couldnt move away from my LCD screen for the full 8 mins whilst this was playing. The passage of time seemed like nothing, as do when watching all great movies. And when it finally ended, I was (and still am) begging, as everyone else was (and still are), "Bring on part two!!!"
You seem to fully understand how to bring out sheer emotion in the form of a flash, and accompany it with such awe-inspiring music as such yourself did that brings it all together to make, what can simply be described as, as a MasterFlash. Well done. My only quiery would be the absence of text to understand what she and her dog/creature/guidance spirit are saying. Other than that, I congradulate you to the fullest.
Best wishes in your upcoming flash,
FFKing, or Jake Dowzell.


Great animation, great music...can't wait for part 2 to see what happens!