Reviews for "Twisted Punch"

Wow great work

i like your art work story is good.. keep it up you got 2D down good.

wow,totaly awesome.

That was a GREAT movie, i cant WAIT to see part 2,and if you make one, a part 3!
The music contributed to a awesome reflection of feelings, it showed moods and emotions. once again, GREAT job.



That was truly amazing. I gave you a 10 for interactivity because the "film" kept me captivated through it's entirety and even ranked the violence as a 5, because the little that there was, was actually quite disturbing deep down due to your very keen sense of how to invoke emotion through art. For what it means, if I were responsible for you getting hired for any sort of animating job, you would be key #1. You are truly talented and I hope I have made a difference by voting 5 and giving you this review. Please continue to make your artwork for us here at newgrounds. Thank you.


The graphics were very good and it was interesting to watch. I loved the spinning effects you made and all of that. Overall this was great. I can't wait to see the next one.


The animation was great for sure and the detailing and the sound and a story all this was made in really artestic way (this guy got skills) but not really my style but stiil u cant but thats in my way to gife this a good grade for nice work!