Reviews for "Twisted Punch"

Best story flash in a long time

I love it. The artwork, the colors, the music and the plot points all come together to make this film a joy to watch. I will definitely be sharing this one with my friends.

This Movie has it all!

Man, that was awesome.
You managed to mix so many different things into this movie, it´s impressive!
I never thought the movie would take such a turn when I saw the beginning ^^
I also think the movie does fine without voices, it just suits it better than with voices.
I can´t wait to see Part 2 !


If this doesnt get to the top 50 of all time I would be surprised, the only slight thing that could have added to the piece were voices, other then that I think this is perfect.
can't wait for part two.


Very well done, it...blew me away....taht was tastyalicous like pie on a hot summer day. or ice cream whatever it was very good very...cant wait for PART TWO OF TWO PARTs whoop

Unique all music no talking short vid.

nice music. nice animation. definately cant wait to see the sequel.