Reviews for "Twisted Punch"


plain and simple. wow. that was just unbelievable. cant wait till its done

i like it

i like the movie and i hope you finish the story beacuse it seems interesting, great job on the animation i especially like the part with the monster and the guys trying to kill it.



Long and veryt touching


i loved it alot but i just dont get the girl like shes cool but is she a ninja or somthing i mean she was doing the running ant the jumping ant the tree climbing all cool ninja like kinda reminds me of sakura from naruto but ya thats the only thing i was wondering about other then that sweer stuff (and yes i ment to put sweer)


Great job on arwork! Newgrounds.com is changing due to those artists who thinks that sex excessive violence and language are not the keys to success in animation, I think that Newgrounds can be a great place for artists, not for these kids who like South Park and try to copy... Anyway I love that animation!