Reviews for "Twisted Punch"

Not bad

This flash is pretty good. I hope I can see the next part soon

am I watching tv ? ,that was Excellent!!

That was very good , I hope u find a job , but that was very nice, neaten it a lil more and a lil bit more detail I wouldn't be able to tell if I was watching something that was a;ready been on tv.

Loved it

I hope this review gives you some encouragement on being an animator, that's excatly what I want to do. So keep at it if you ever release a movie I'll buy. Anyways I can't believe you topped XIN session I love that haha great work

I just have to see the next one

Perfect act, thats shows youre really desserves your awards!


At first, i was questioning the flash, but then ikept watching and it got better. I would like to see the next one and many more falshes from u