Reviews for "Twisted Punch"


i love this vid= =^_^= i hope you finish it. Hehe i love the idea of a little girl hero shes soo cool and cute to ^_^ i hope she gets that monster and geves him a good smacking around lol

Whoa!! NIce, DUDE!!

I actually run like that, too.... and im the damn fastest thing on two legs yuove ever seen....

except, of course, those runners in the olympics, those people are jsut plain crazy...

that was awsome

it was kinda slow in the beginning but it got better as u go along...one thing though...i gotta try runnin like she does in the end of the movie...seems like that kind of technique gives u nuff speed...lol...


Brilliance! Absolute brilliance!

I loved every second of this! A terrific video with an excellent score, and animation as beautiful as the world it's in! These are the kind of flashes I adore. No offense, but this beats your XIN series in every imaginable way. I can't wait for part two. Everything about it screams originality, imagination, and overall innocence clashing with curiousity of the unknown. Keep the scoring as brilliant as it is as well, the music is a huge part of why it's so great.

Easily 5/5.


bum..You have to teach me how to do flashes:P i loved how u clashed all kinda of things together. Im not sure if u intended it tho.