Reviews for "Twisted Punch"

Oh... My... G-d...

This is the most compelling, amazing, and spectactular flash movies I have EVER! seen. The FBF was too good the be true, and the format of the movie could not be any better. It was cute, scary, sad, happy, love, hatred, fear. The best short I have seen. You earned a 5, hell! if there was a 999 I would give it to you. You must create a Part 2, but take your time. I want it to be great :)


This just became one of my favorite movies!! Wow, great scenery and frame by frame! And the mood and sphere in this movie were also so nice!

Great job!!

very artistic flash.

on my top 10 most artistic flash movies, this one is probly on it. i somewhat liked the "silence", it add more creativity, if that was what u where going for. awasome job and im looking forward to the conclusion.

Nice work

I like this. Its a much more fantastic story than "Xin" which you are working on. You're art work is nice. There are a few little things that can be fixed, most people wouldn't recognize anyway. And then you're lines are too thick. You could take time to use an eraser and give the lines changes and it would look about twenty times better.

this could be turned into a sweet ass rpg!

im serious...