Reviews for "Twisted Punch"

No good

Animation and art wsie this was awesome, but story wise it was, I never thought I would say this, worse than XIN.
Oh, xXFireEmblemPrideXx, you are a fagget that knows nothing of entertainment value. Once you understand what story is for, that's when you can spout off like that. Until then, shut your fruit-ass up!

part 2?

awsome, couldnt see the connection with pulliwatsit or whateva but good all the same part two would be nice

A masterpiece with such little resource.

I have been watching your flash animations, and all of these are something remarkable. I like this one, it actually has story and caught me by suprise. Most of the flash I have watched lately, have had no purpose, or tried to be stupid to be funny. Most of those stupid flash aren't even funny, just a waste of time by the person who made it. However, this flash, along with the rest of yours are really something. I enjoy watching these, and think you have a talent. I could see these flash you make becomming big time anime shows. Keep up the good work, and one day you might even get something back rather then comments from us. Great work!


that was beutiful and awesome!!

I'm to see the oother parts.


Your style is amazing, the music suits the whole piece wonderfully. In response to the last guy, do you think children can undertsand all of the problems with the world? Of course there are those in 3rd world countries and such, but when you are a child, isn't any world idealic as your imagination carries you away.