Reviews for "Shopping for Death"

pretty funny

really stupid tho... its cool that u can customise the face... how the hell do u learn script like that... i know NO script :(
sufficive to say i gave u a five but what the hell does it matter. its not like our votes are worth anything nowadays. damn newgrounds was much better before it wwas so famous...

That was a blast.

Very original, I like the cheesy music loop. I think a sequel is in order!

I am easily amused.

That wasn't bad. You might want to fix it from freezing when you don't catch the cans, though- and the music gets all funky if you hit replay. Keep working with flash, you show promise.

Don Johnson!?!? Its gotta be good!

Come on this game sucks cept for the small fact that its got Don Johnson in it and he kicks up the style o-meter way up and the make a villian is clever and original

It was ok

i didn't really enjoy it much.