Reviews for "Shopping for Death"


I can't tell if this is hilarious or stupid
It's both!
You've got my vote 5!

You made a huge mistake

nothing happens when you lets that fag don johnson die

Nice job on the graphics.

I gave "Graphics" a 9 since you could change the look of the guy, which was pretty good. But the music (especially when you fight the guy) was very ANNOYING, sorry to say!!! The interactivity was alright... and that's about it.

Just compare it to beebo

When you where making this were you smoking? if i catch you doing that again i shoot you in the face you cathoelic SOb you dirty, jamocan,

pretty funny

really stupid tho... its cool that u can customise the face... how the hell do u learn script like that... i know NO script :(
sufficive to say i gave u a five but what the hell does it matter. its not like our votes are worth anything nowadays. damn newgrounds was much better before it wwas so famous...