Reviews for "Shopping for Death"

Don Johnson's Style is a 10

The style and interactivity make this entry a must see. Don Johnson, fighting the bastard I created, now I've seen everything!


this was overall, a pretty good game. don johnsons dancing made it great. make some more games, know what im sayin?


hahah it was a coo game till i tryed to kill my emiemie he wouldnt throw shit at him...and i was dyin off my villen

Not funny

It sux I dont like the interactivity in it. No more i cant take it. Help me!!!!!!!!!! Why dose Newgrounds put such shit on its pages. Sorry but it is. (shit) You dont have to listen to me because its only me. But if you are to listen to me take my advice people dont play this. Enough of me. by.


Taken on it's own this was an average flash. Funny, but not great. HOWEVER, the create-a-villain was a stroke of genius, and made this game stand out. Plus the whole idea of a supermarket tinned-food fight with a random stranger is one that appeals to every immature person among us.