Reviews for "Shopping for Death"

ass tits and gold im not geting gay with any kids

this movie funny ass and is fun at the same time i hope it makes it to the top

once again

Don Johnson, who the fuck is he. HAHAHAHAHA

umm it was err good

one line review repeated in this box

this is the bast gam ever...

i think.... i'm going to cry..... it was so good....

happened more or less this when i goed shopping

a guy asked me to put up the things or i willl die but he was unarmed so i punched his shin and he falls on ground and them i said "nice try asshole but odnt rob anyone unarmed them cops taked him to a hopital to put some band-aid on the shin that i punshed and he have to pay to not goes under arrest but them he armed a nuclear missile to destroy earth but ishooted him with a submachinegun and he falls on magnetium bvalls on the super maket them happened exactly what happened on the game ok nothing of this is true but will be fun if it was good game