Reviews for "Shopping for Death"

got peas?

the best part is when don got conked in the head...hehehehe

once again

Don Johnson, who the fuck is he. HAHAHAHAHA

You`re good!

You`re good at doing flashgames...
Keep up the good work!

Not funny

It sux I dont like the interactivity in it. No more i cant take it. Help me!!!!!!!!!! Why dose Newgrounds put such shit on its pages. Sorry but it is. (shit) You dont have to listen to me because its only me. But if you are to listen to me take my advice people dont play this. Enough of me. by.

Cool Game

Great Game, I like it at the beginning how you can create your own Villian. Thats probably the second best part, the best part is when Don Johnson Kicks off that guys Head.