Reviews for "Shopping for Death"

It was alright

It was short and it was crappy but overall it was alright


annoying sound, 1 thing u really need is to start straight from the fight when u wanna restart!!! I dont wanna hafta keep watchin that lil film again. not that its bad, justs gets ittitatin when uu wana go straight to the fight.

Pretty good...

I like the create-a-villain feature, and the catch-the-can game was okay, but you need more of this cool interactivity! It's great!

The music was bad and annoyingly repetitious. You need more variety.

Graphics were pretty good, I noticed a bit of a 3D effect when Don Johnson gets knocked down by the Bastard, but it's quite slow.

Good work for a second entry!


the only moderatly funny thing was the peas, thats it man.

Some very cool stuff...

I really liked the create a villain option (you used something similar in the Beebo game... also very cool). You should definitely keep and expand upon this idea in future games... my bad guy looked like the Red Skull.