Reviews for "Shopping for Death"

Pretty damn good.

Its great to see something different for once. The graphics and sound weren't that great, but its still pretty damn cool.


That was the coolest. I never thought that grocery shopping could go down like a drug deal.

Nice job on the graphics.

I gave "Graphics" a 9 since you could change the look of the guy, which was pretty good. But the music (especially when you fight the guy) was very ANNOYING, sorry to say!!! The interactivity was alright... and that's about it.

You made a huge mistake

nothing happens when you lets that fag don johnson die


I woke up just now, checked the portal, and now this has made me laugh so damn loud, and I still can't quite open my eyes im so tired. Obviously a job well done!

I would've liked to see some better backgrounds to the movie though, I think they were a little weak, in a movie like that I tend to go without black outlines, becuase they stand out a bit much, just for a critique.

Great job again.