Reviews for "Shopping for Death"


this was overall, a pretty good game. don johnsons dancing made it great. make some more games, know what im sayin?

don johnson=can goods vigilante

freakin hysterical!! the whole theme of this game was exellent..the interaction was good. sound quality needed some tweeking..but overall..it rocked!

Was considering a 10, then I heard the music...

Totally awsome dude! I loved it, great animation, totaly interactive (NG wouldn't let me go higher than a ten), and friggin' hillarious. The music needs to be more, or needs to be able to be shut off, because I almost let him hit me with the cans after about 30 seconds of that song.

Great interaction

I loved the Interactivity in this dude! Great job!!!!

Wow that was great

Hey I loves the humor and the fighting, and I was surprised at the amount of interactivity, you get a 10 for that. I loved this movie great job...The whole thing where you could decide what the villain looked like was totally amazing. Mad props to you man, this is one of the most underrated flashes here. An 8 overall, and a 5 for a vote...and i'll be back tommorrow to give you another one...great job.