Reviews for "Shopping for Death"

Don Johnson!?!? Its gotta be good!

Come on this game sucks cept for the small fact that its got Don Johnson in it and he kicks up the style o-meter way up and the make a villian is clever and original


this is great!!! the custom bastard is lots of fun with endless possibilities and combinations (well not endless) and you always seem to choose the funniest faces!!! great work MAKE MORE!!

Pure comic genius

I don't know what the guy before me was smoking but this is gold.

I mean... Don Johnson.....how can you lose?

plus he's getting shit from his "dealer"
This is what newgrounds is about.

don johnson.....mmmm

i fuckin hate don johnson and im glad i got to kill him. hes horrible. he was the worst in miami vice.gross he ruined the hot guys from the 80's.

Funny Shit

This is some funny shit! I love it! Fuck you Jen! "crap crap crap..." dumb bitch.