Reviews for "Shopping for Death"

pretty funny

really stupid tho... its cool that u can customise the face... how the hell do u learn script like that... i know NO script :(
sufficive to say i gave u a five but what the hell does it matter. its not like our votes are worth anything nowadays. damn newgrounds was much better before it wwas so famous...

Just compare it to beebo

When you where making this were you smoking? if i catch you doing that again i shoot you in the face you cathoelic SOb you dirty, jamocan,

Not Up To Par

Let me start by saying This is not a bad review, it's just that this was not up to you're ability. This is a comparative review to you're other works. Not too much action going on here, not too many good jokes, and the game was not too cool. What really got you points was the create a bad guy thing which kicked ass! Compared to Masterpeices like What Time Is It and (especially) African Detroit Cop, this was a disappointment, but to everyone else's, it's gold! (I am a harsh reviewer)

fabulous999 responds:

I don't think it's fair to compare this to African Detroit Cop seeing as how I submitted this before I had even started work on ADC. So don't feel disappointed about this, feel extra happy about ADC!


Wow... One word: GENIUS! I gave it a 5!

What with the pea famine and all...

Very funny game. I should have been a little more interactive. I liked that you could customize the villan. The game was weird though. The can always went the same direction. I just parked my mouse in the way and kept on clickin'. If the can had been going in random directions it would be a little better.